hi i'm a girlie and i'm here to make pokemon gifs

note: i'm inactive a lot but i still drop by

*please ask for permission first if you want to use my gifs*

Anonymous: Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. Send this to 10 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know you love them! ❤

whoever sent this, thank you so much bb! ^o^ ~ ♡♡

woah i haven’t been on for a while. HUGE apology to that last person who sent me a request about the the may/dawn gifsets :( my computer just kinda broke down and deleted ps along with all the pokemon episodes i had /o\ which doesn’t explain my huge absence lol, but basically, life. oh and the fact that i never pay attention to this blog ha ha ha, sorry ;~; i have my main blog (message me if you want the url hehe) that i’m usually on regularly so if you really want to get my attention, message me on tharrr

otherwise, i’ve been playing pokemon y for the past few decades i’ve been gone :D my fc is 1435 5142 8423, message me your fc! ((willing to add anyone bc you’re all amazing))

29th September 2013
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thedanieledonato: Could you make gifs of mays team And dawns team

sure! It might take some time, though ^^ 

25th September 2013
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It didn’t come out right this time. I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong. Ugh whatever I’ll take it down tomorrow or something. 

Anonymous: whyd id you have to repost? ://

The coloring was a bit off in the third set, and I had to resize the second one. ^^;

Sinnoh Grand Festival

05th September 2013
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