hi i'm a girlie and i'm here to make pokemon gifs

note: i'm inactive a lot but i still drop by

*please ask for permission first if you want to use my gifs*

29th September 2013
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twoh0hskristen: Could you make gifs of mays team And dawns team

sure! It might take some time, though ^^ 

25th September 2013
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It didn’t come out right this time. I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong. Ugh whatever I’ll take it down tomorrow or something. 

Anonymous: whyd id you have to repost? ://

The coloring was a bit off in the third set, and I had to resize the second one. ^^;

Sinnoh Grand Festival

05th September 2013
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05th September 2013
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Pokemon by まちこ

05th September 2013
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